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Bonnet 6 Grid Electric

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Bonnet is the new and premium range of Combi ovens offered by Hobart. Known for their reliability and state of the art technology. These ovens are a favourite with schools - many of which we purchase ovens from after a few years of use. 

Models of refurbished Bonnet combi ovens we supply include the Bonnet Equator, Precijet, MultiJet and EquaJet. We have a full range of Bonnet combi ovens sizes, including 6 grid, 10 grid, 20 grid and 40 grid. 

If you cannot see the exact model of Bonnet oven you are looking for below, please do call 01227469692 (option 1), as we have a high turnover of ovens and will be sure to have a combi oven suitable for your needs. 

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