The CaterCombi waste pump is designed to work with 6, 10 or 20 grid combi oven installations where the waste needs to be pumped away. This is typically either because the waste outlet in the kitchen is higher than the waste outlet of the oven, or if the kitchen waste is located far away from the combi's location.


The pump works with any waste connection from just 40mm off the ground, is able to pump up to 9 metres and has a maximum capacity of 160 litres per minute. It can withstand water temperature up to 98 degrees.


It is highly recommended that this system is installed by a fully qualified plumber or catering engineer. Please call us on 01227469692 for a quotation for installation (this is in addition to the pump supply cost of £475+vat).



An inlet hole will need to be drilled into the holding tank at the height required. This hole must be made on the opposite side of tank to where the pump is housed. You will then require 22mm copper to attach to the gland supplied and take the water away from the pump system. At the end of the copper run there MUST be an airgap to prevent any chance of overflow back into the system (we can supply a tun dish suitable for this purpose, available here).


We are able to pallet this item to you for £75. This will be delivered free of charge if you are either purchasing a combi oven from us, or if we are installing the pump waste system for you. 



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