Make:   Maidaid
Model: C1011D
Type: Pass Through Dishwasher
Power Supply: Single Phase Electric - Configurable to 20/30 amp electric. 3 Phase also available
Cosmetic Condition: Brand New. Will be shipped in directly from manufacturer

Pass-Through Dishwasher Maidaid C1011D

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    Technical Information:

    - 2 year warranty

    - Type AA breaktank

    - Bright LED display with soft touch controls

    - Accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing as standard

    - Drain pump optional

    - Patented DUAL flow wash pump, reduced power while retaining wash efficiency

    - Three selectable cycle options plus special application cycles options

    - Cycle times between 70 & 240 secs, including special cycles

    - Cycle times can be tailored to site requirements

    - Selectable energy saving mode

    - Selectable thermostop ensures optimum rinse temperatures

    - Automatic self-cleaning cycle at end of service

    - Surface scrap tray filters

    - Operational self-diagnostics

    - Twin traffic light display indicate machine status

    - Supplied with one pegged plate, one open rack and cutlery basket

    - Suitable for hot (max 50°C) or cold water supply at 2 to 4 bar dynamic supply pressure

    - Machines fitted to cold water supplies will not be capable of running repeated short cycles.

    - The cycle time will automatically be extended to allow recovery of correct operating temperatures

    - Wash temperature 60°C (adjustable)

    - Rinse temperature 78°C (adjustable)

    - Can be supplied 3 phase

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